The Founder and managing partner of the prominent, distinguished, boutique Legal Law Firm Andreas S. Angelides L.L.C.

His Philosophy and life ethos, is that law is Supreme and above all others.

A way of life, which he has strived and successfully fought for, throughout his 50 years of practicing Law through persistent and steady litigation before the Supreme Court and other Courts of Cyprus and Europe.

As a result of this continuous search for justice and the protection of the rights and best interests of his clients, he has succeeded in effecting critical changes in the jurisprudence of Cypriot Law, trying landmark and exceptionally complicated cases.

Mr Andreas S. Angelides firmly believes, it is necessary to constantly challenge and question before the court’s any and all decisions of the Administration which are erroneous. He believes in the notions of natural justice, proper administration, equity and rule of law. He has pursued throughout his exceptional career, the protection of the rights of the people and the citizens.

He is justifiably considered as one of the leading, highly esteemed and top litigation lawyers in Cyprus, especially in the field of Constitutional and Administrative Law.

He has graduated from the Law School of the University of Athens as well as the Economic and Social Sciences School of the University of Athens and has been practicing law since 1971.

He was a member of the Council of the Cyprus Bar Association.

He was also a Member of Parliament of the Republic of Cyprus and a Party Parliamentary Spokesperson.

He has published numerous articles of legal and public interest in the daily press and various papers in journals in Cyprus and abroad.

He is also the Author of two legal Books.

The First Book is titled “the Law 158(1)/1999 General Principles of Administrative Law and the ensuing jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Cyprus” which was published by the Parliament of Cyprus.

The Second book was co-authored with Simos A. Angelides and is titled “Administrative Procedural Law”. This book was published by the Cyprus Bar Association in 2012 and republished again in 2020.